M. Mulari February Snow Newsletter Wednesday, February 15, 2017
Snowshoes and Gear Photo

M. Mulari February Snow Newsletter

On a clear and sunny day, it was time to get out my snowshoes and head out to explore the woods and fields behind my home. This is a trek I’ve made many times, sometimes when my sewing projects aren’t going well and I need to take a break, or when I need a dose of nature. Do you have a place like this, maybe with snow now or maybe near water?
Here’s part of my gear: my leather chopper mittens, ski poles for steadier walking, and my aluminum snowshoes.
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Second Chance T-Shirt Makeovers - Part Two Monday, December 12, 2016
Be creative with T-shirts that are not being worn by using the fabric from the shirts in a new way. Nancy and guest, Mary Mulari, show how to turn the T-shirts from family vacation sites, school events, and sporting games into easy-to-sew projects such as, pennant banners, headbands, neck gaiters, scarves and more. These second-chance projects are ideal for beginner stitchers.
Do you have a drawer filled with once important, but seldom worn T-shirts? Give those notable shirts a second chance. Nancy and sewing makeover specialist, Mary Mulari, share ways of using the fabric from T-shirts to create more usable projects and memory makers. Learn how to make a rag-quilt, ideal for graduates, plus Christmas Stockings, luggage tags, and more.
T-Shirt Memory Quilt Photo

Autumn Leaves Fall onto New Ideas from Mary Mulari!

Greetings for the new season! It’s my favorite and I wish it lasted longer with all the leaf color and mild/cool days. Instead of my usual flower picture to start off my newsletter, I’d like to share a cheerful stack of pancakes from a summer breakfast at the Tower Cafe.

What’s New at Mary’s Productions? There’s a LOT...

In August I taped two Sewing With Nancy programs titled “Second Chance T-Shirt Gifts.” We started off with the world’s easiest, most practical, and washable T-Shirt Memory Quilt.
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Best Sweatshirt Makeovers Pt. 2 Monday, August 15, 2016
Join the restyling trend as Nancy and her guest, Mary Mulari, share creative ways to makeover sweatshirts with stunning results. With creative cutting and stitching, you’ll twist, turn, and topstitch a sweatshirt into your own personal style statement.
Best Sweatshirt Makeovers Pt. 1 Monday, August 8, 2016
Transform a wardrobe staple—the sweatshirt—into a unique garment that expresses your own personal style. Mary Mulari joins Nancy to inspire you with some of their favorite techniques and design ideas. Learn how to restyle a pullover to a cardigan, apply simple appliqués, and add plackets and zippers.
Travel Gear Made Easy Monday, October 8, 2012
Watch as Mary and Nancy create the Roll-Up Travel Blanket, Fold-Up Tote, Supply Side Pouch, Gathering Place Tray, Travel Trio Bags, and more - you'll see how these pieces of travel gear are both easy and fun to sew.

Mary's trademark clear instructions and hand drawn illustrations for fifteen projects are available in the Travel Gear Made Easy book.
Mary's Sewing Very Successful Monday, October 12, 2009
Mary Mulari
"This is not your grandmother's kind of sewing machine."
Written by Linda Tyssen:
Staff writer for Mesabi Daily News.
AURORA - Mary Mulari's career started small, when she sewed doll clothes in the Loon Lake 4-H club.
It has grown into a successful business that even involves a contract with Viking Sewing Machines Inc., Swedish manufacturer of the Husqvarna Viking sewing machines. Mulari has designed an applique/embroidery card to be used with two computerized sewing machines.




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