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Meet Mary Mulari

After years of searching for the right job, Mary Mulari discovered it at her fingertips and began sharing her creations with other sewing enthusiasts.

She experimented with sweatshirt decorations and began teaching a class on her discoveries for local community education. This led to self-publishing 9 books featuring her own hand lettering and illustrations. Her decorating techniques and creative projects expanded beyond sweatshirts to other garments, accessories, appliqué, fabric design, reversible apron patterns, and more. She has written books for Chilton and Krause Publications and also self-publishes her most recent publications.

She has appeared on over 50 programs as the most frequent guest on PBS television’s Sewing With Nancy. Her entertaining and inspiring seminars have gained her a following at sewing events, guilds, and stores throughout the US. She continues to develop ideas for new publications, test products for the sewing industry, market her books and patterns, and design DIY sewing kits.

Mary learned to sew as a member of the Loon Lake 4-H Club in Palo, Minnesota. She has a bachelor of science degree in English education from the University of Minnesota Duluth. She lives in Aurora Minnesota with her husband Doug Gregor.