Best Sweatshirt Makeovers  

Transform soft, comfortable sweatshirts into one-of-a-kind pieces of clothing that express your own personal style. Start with basic alterations, then add specialty touches to create stylish cardigans, vests and pullovers. Along the way, you'll discover fun and unique treatments for neckline, sleeve, hem and trim variations. With creative cutting and stitching, you'll twist, turn, and stitch your sweats into your own personal style statement.

Topics include:

  • Sweatshirt Basics
  • Vest styles
  • Cardigan styles
  • Pullover variations
  • Neckline makeovers
  • Sleeves/hem makeovers
  • Trim and applique techniques

Sorry, Best Sweatshirt Makeovers is not currently available to order.

This collection of five books in one boasts 56 sweatshirt transformations for adults and kids. As an added bonus, it features a Sweatshirt Gallery with over a dozen designs chock-full of even more fresh ideas! Full-color photos and illustrations accompany step-by-step instructions and full-size pattern pieces. Soft cover, 116 pages.


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