Schmetz Needles: A Designer Collection Package  

Mary's Favorite Schmetz Needles
A Designer Collection Package

Mary Mulari has collected her most frequently used sewing machine needles in a colorful "sew-green" gift bag made from the old curtains in her sewing room. The bag contains a Schmetz ABC Pocket Guide filled with general and specific information about Schmetz needles, Mary's Needle Tip Sheet, and five packages of needles:

    • Stretch Twin Needle - size 4.0
    • Universal Assortment - sizes 70, 80, and 90
    • Gold Embroidery Needles - size 75
    • Quick Threading Needles - size 90
    • Topstitch Needles - size 90

These needles retail for $26 so this designer package is a great value with its added information and the tip sheet which includes Mary's favorite way to mark and store a slightly used needle, and a classy ready-to-wear hemming technique with a stretch twin needle. Order your collection today!

Order Schmetz Needles:
A Designer Collection Package:
$24.00 per each



PO Box 87
Aurora, MN 55705
(218) 229-2804
Order Line: (218) 229-2804 weekdays between 9-5 PM Central Time.
Fax: (218) 229-2533 24 hours a day.


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