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Mary in the Media

Greetings In A Time Like No Other – 2020

In appreciation of all of the mask makers, it’s time for me to say how PROUD I am of our Sewing Sisterhood/Brotherhood. You’ve helped to create a sewing revival. Did…

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Summer 2019 – Mary Mulari’s Forget Me Not Newsletter

Somehow I’ve developed a pattern by opening this newsletter with a flower picture. My first choice is the Forget Me Nots growing at the edge of woods at Lake Vermilion…

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Mary Mulari’s Sewing Again Newsletter – 2019

Faux Sewing Are you like me? Just can’t stay away from a sewing machine? Here I am at the thrift shop just pretending to sew. Sew, Eat Smart, Yoga, Repeat……

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Summer 2018 – Hello from Aurora Minnesota!

As usual, summer is speeding by and here in the northwoods, there are hints of cooler weather coming. My neon green garden chair holds a flower planter that looked great…

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Mary Mulari’s Winter 2018 Newsletter

Here’s my winter activity! Some days it kept me out of my sewing room. The snowbanks are high here in northeastern Minnesota. This is one of my winter sewing accomplishments,…

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M. Mulari February 2017 Snow Newsletter

On a clear and sunny day, it was time to get out my snowshoes and head out to explore the woods and fields behind my home. This is a trek…

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Second Chance T-Shirt Makeovers – Part Two

Be creative with T-shirts that are not being worn by using the fabric from the shirts in a new way. Nancy and guest, Mary Mulari, show how to turn the…

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Second Chance T-Shirt Makeovers – Part One

Do you have a drawer filled with once important, but seldom worn T-shirts? Give those notable shirts a second chance. Nancy and sewing makeover specialist, Mary Mulari, share ways of…

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Mary’s October 2016 News

Autumn Leaves Fall onto New Ideas from Mary Mulari! Greetings for the new season! It’s my favorite and I wish it lasted longer with all the leaf color and mild/cool…

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Travel Gear Made Easy

Watch as Mary and Nancy create the Roll-Up Travel Blanket, Fold-Up Tote, Supply Side Pouch, Gathering Place Tray, Travel Trio Bags, and more – you’ll see how these pieces of…

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