Mary Mulari's Hot Dish Apron Pattern  

Mary Mulari's Hot Dish Apron PatternHotdish Apron Pattern

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Inspired by aprons worn by restaurant wait staff, this reversible apron features a "v" neckline and adjustable neck straps either tied together or overlapped with a Velcro® closure. Two large pockets, big enough to hold oven mitts or potholders, meet the apron side seams and are offset for interest and for less side seam bulk. An optional small third pocket overlaps one of the large pockets. The "v" neckline can be trimmed with rickrack, piping, a ruffle or other trim. Mary’s suggestion for a flattering apron: select and sew contrasting fabric pockets on either the left or right side of each apron front. On the other side, sew a pocket from the apron fabric so it blends in. When the apron is worn, constrasting fabric on both sides draws the eye across the body at the hip/stomach area. One yard of fabric is required for each side of this reversible apron. For a personal gift, select two cotton prints that feature the interests, work, or hobbies of the person who will receive the apron.

In Minnesota, the term "hot dish" refers to a covered dish or casserole often brought to share at a potluck dinner. It seemed to be a good name for an apron, especially an apron with pockets large enough to hold the potholders needed to carry the Hot Dish.

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