Sweatshirt Cut Ups for Christmas  

Use sweatshirts in a new way with this pattern from Mary Mulari.



Three stocking patterns (large, medium, and doll or teddy bear size) and a large mitten are included along with clear instructions for this quick to sew project. A sweatshirt's bottom ribbing becomes the stocking cuff and neck ribbing can be utilized for the top edge of a gift card pocket. For contrasting heel and toe caps on the stockings, choose fabric from another sweatshirt or use the wrong side of the sweatshirt. The large mitten features a finger area pocket for a gift card or name tag. Machine embroidery and monograms are perfect embellishments for the stocking fronts. Another option: cut a stocking or mitten using the front logo of a vacation, college, or hometown sweatshirt. Pattern is packaged in plastic zip top bag and printed on durable pattern paper.

Order Sweatshirt Cut Ups for Christmas:
$6.00 each


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