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All Occasion Fabric Wraps


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Wraps are a favorite accessory for warmth and style. Mary Mulari presents fourteen clever, quick-to-sew coverups to impress and inspire. A special feature of the 20-page book is five easy, classy ways to keep shawls from sliding off your shoulders. Make your own wrap versions from curtains, blankets, tablecloths, and some of those “precious” fabrics marinating in your fabric collection.

  • Classic Shawl and Shawl Adaptations
  • Twist Wrap
  • One Seam Ruffle Shawl
  • Off Center Wrap
  • No Cold Shoulders Wrap
  • On Point Wrap
  • Two Scarf Wrap
  • Rita’s Wrap
  • Button Wrap
  • Sweatshirt Wrap
  • Go-Two Wrap
  • All Weather Wrap
  • Aurora Wrap
  • Reading Shawl
  • Circle Wrap