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Clothespin Apron


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It’s another reversible apron from Mary’s Productions! This chore apron makes it easy to carry supplies while you work, whether you’re cleaning, quilting, gardening, crafting, or listening to a podcast. A row of pockets across the bottom of the apron adds interesting detail and practicality to this apron. Double yokes for the apron skirt and bib give extra support to the apron when the pockets are full. Rickrack and piping trim provide classy detail at the edges of the yokes and pockets. Options for the apron include making it as a half apron with waist ties or a full apron with a neck loop and waist ties, or long ties extending from the bib, crossing in the back to D rings at the waistline, and then tying. (This last option gives you a full apron with no band rubbing in the back of the neck.) Each apron requires two-1 yard piece of fabric, or a collection of fat quarters and fabric pieces if you want to mix and match the apron parts. Save time and sew by using ribbon or twill tape for apron ties. Enjoy making and wearing this reversible apron with its many handy pockets.