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Second Chance T-Shirt Gifts


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Gather the family’s collection of memorable T-shirts and turn them into great gifts with special meaning. Start with the easiest-ever T-Shirt Memory Quilt and a coordinating pillow. The fifteen projects are not only easy to sew but clever and useful. Color photos of all projects and Mary’s signature: clear instructions and her own illustrations for the project steps in this jam-packed pattern.

  • Family Celebration Banner
  • T-Shirt Memory Quilt
  • T-Shirt Memory Pillow
  • Three Tee Bags (Sleeve Bag, Sleepover Bag, Wine or Shoe Bag)
  • Curl ‘n Roll Necklace
  • Logo Luggage Tag
  • T-Shirt Pillow
  • T-Time Toddler Bib
  • T-Shirt Santa Stocking
  • Gloves Fit to a Tee
  • Tee Tote
  • Notched Cowl Scarf
  • Tuck & Weave Scarf