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Totes To Go


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With this clever pattern, you’ll find instructions and inspiration for improving totes you already own and making five new shapely totes. Tote improvements include pockets to cover tote bag advertisements or logos, zipper top extensions to keep tote contents safely in the bag, handle removals and replacements, bottom supports and covers, a complete monogram alphabet, and inside-outside storage pockets featuring Mary’s favorite zipper sewing technique. New totes to make: Sweatshirt Tote made from a new or old sweatshirt, Zipper & Ribbon Tote made from one 5-1/2 yd. length of zipper, Market Tote in small and large sizes, Handle Loop Tote made from double-sided quilted fabrics, and the Across the Body Tote featuring a flap with a storage pocket. Pattern includes a color cover, instruction folder, and two large pattern sheets.