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Mary’s Tips for Success with Sweatshirts Notes to accompany her book, BEST SWEATSHIRT MAKEOVERS

To Prewash or Not to Prewash - That is the Question

This decision depends on the type of sweatshirt you’ve chosen for a makeover. Read the tags on the garment to learn the manufacturer’s recommendations. Garment Washed - Pigment Dyed sweatshirts (sold at Nancy’s Notions) should be washed first in cold water and tumble dried medium. Sweatshirts with dark, intense colors should also be washed first. This will show you the amount of dye that comes out of the garment and help you determine whether to use light or dark color fabrics as trim.

Before washing any sweatshirt, turn the garment inside out to protect the right side of the garment. Also suggest this to the person who will receive your sweatshirt makeover as a gift.

A sweatshirt makeover keeps its best appearance when it’s handwashed, dried for just a few minutes in the dryer, and then hung to air dry.

Save What You Cut Off

The sweatshirt bottom ribbing, once it’s cut off, might not seem worth saving, but it can be used on other sweatshirt makeovers. The wide band of ribbing will make cross-over neckline ribbing (page 15 in SWEATSHIRT MAKEOVERS), applique flowers (page 23), a zipper placket (page 20), or a front ribbing band for a cardigan closure (page 8). I also save all the neckband ribbing I cut off sweatshirts. You never know when you’ll have just the right color in that stash of saved ribbing.

If you make vests from sweatshirts, the sleeves are worth saving too. The knit can be used for appliques and facings.

Wide Plackets

The instructions for this variation are on page 12 in SWEATSHIRT MAKEOVERS. It’s fun to choose a large button to close the placket and to frame the button with a triangle or other shaped piece of Sensuede. The wide placket opens the neckline and also decorates the shirt more than the smaller, narrower plackets do.

Too Scared to Embroider Directly on a Sweatshirt?

This describes me too. I find it easier and less stressful to embroider or applique on a piece of fabric and then make a fabric patch to sew on the sweatshirt.


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