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Removing extra zipper heads
  • Remove extra zipper heads from the end of the zipper that comes off the roll first.
  • If removal is difficult and zipper heads appear to be stuck, pull on one side of the zipper tape to slide it through the zipper head. Then slide the head off the other side of the zipper tape.
Moving zipper heads from rest positionsReplacing zipper heads
  • Pull extra zipper heads further into the roll, moving them out of their “resting positions” from packaging. Press the tape edges on both sides to straighten out the curves. Use a medium temperature iron and steam the zipper tape.

  • Accidentally pulled off all the heads and need to slide one back on? Slide the rounded end of the zipper head onto the tape edge and stop after sliding it onto the beginning of the teeth on one side of the tape. Then slide the end of the other side of the tape through the groove on the other side of the head until the head reaches the teeth. Now pull on the ends of both tapes and on the zipper head to “start” the zipper. Sew, pin , or staple through the tape ends to prevent further accidental zipper head removal.
Zipper with teeth cut awayZipper Head flat and round ends Zipper Head Directions
  • No open tape edges to slide the zipper head onto? Cut away zipper teeth 1/2” from the tape end on one side of the tape. Feed the zipper head onto the other side of the tape first and then the side with the teeth removed. Follow the steps above to seal the tape ends.

  • If the single zipper head saved on the roll does not work to completely close the zipper, first press the curves out of the tapes, as explained above, and try zipping again. If it still does not work, replace the zipper head with a different head previously removed from the roll.

  • Zipper head guidelines:

    Zipper head pulled in the direction of the rounded end closes the zipper.

    Zipper head pulled in the direction of the straight end opens the zipper.


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