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M. Mulari February 2017 Snow Newsletter

On a clear and sunny day, it was time to get out my snowshoes and head out to explore the woods and fields behind my home. This is a trek I’ve made many times, sometimes when my sewing projects aren’t going well and I need to take a break, or when I need a dose of nature. Do you have a place like this, maybe with snow now or maybe near water?

Here’s part of my gear: my leather chopper mittens, ski poles for steadier walking, and my aluminum snowshoes.

What are you sewing this month?

If you’ve been following my recent appearances on Sewing With Nancy you’ll know I’ve been inventing ways to eliminate the family stash of T-shirts and turn them into useful and creative projects that make use of all those “meaningful” logos and event designs. “Second Chance T-Shirt Gifts” featured many of the projects included in the pattern by the same name. (In case you missed seeing the two programs, you can watch online at Here are some of the new versions of the projects:

Make either standard or elf toe stockings–pattern shapes are included. The cuffs on each stocking are made from T-shirt sleeves. The 4-H T-shirt had one sleeve with the 4-H clover and so that made a great addition to the stocking.

Well-worn and loved children’s T-shirts can have another life as a pillow. A pocket to hold a storybook is a great addition on the shirt front or back.

Check out your collection of two way stretch T-shirts and turn them into gloves! They’re easy to sew and the special feature of the colorful pair in front is pockets on the top of each glove, ready to store a cellphone, money, or key.

Here’s the pattern cover and what you’ll see inside–a picture index of all the projects included in the pattern.

The Midwest YaYa Sisters Prepare a New Program!

Here’s my YaYa Sister Rita Farro hard at work in her Lazyboy recliner, with Frankie the dog offering inspiration. We are working on the details of an evening presentation at Nancy’s Notions Sewing Weekend, May 4-6 (920.887.0391) For sure you’ll see lots of inspirational ideas for T-shirts and Rita’s favorite: FRINGE!

More Mary Mulari Seminar Sites

Here are additional locations for my 2017 presentations:

  • March 9 & 10 –Original Sew & Quilt Expo in Atlanta (440.899.3974)
  • April 1 — Rae Bon Sew & Quilt Shop, Fargo ND (701.433.7203)
  • April 22 — Sew Right in Bayside NY (718.468.5858)
  • June (date not yet set) –All About Sewing in Harahan LA (504.739.9883)
  • In July I will be presenting “Christmas in July” seminars in two locations, but more about those later! Stay tuned!

My Sewing Tip

I hope you are adding your name labels to projects you complete and give as gifts or sell. Here’s a collection of some of the labels I’ve ordered for my own use. It’s fun to have a variety. Think about Levis and how prominently they display their label on the OUTSIDE of all their jeans. We can be that bold too, or sew our labels inside a garment or other project. If you’re an embroiderer, you can create your own labels and add personalized details. Whatever you do, make sure you add a label with your name. Like Picasso, you too are an artist–of fabric and thread.

Penny Rose Fabric Collections

I LOVE working on fabric collections with the Penny Rose team. Each collection, Church Ladies Aprons and Chatterbox Aprons, features my apron pattern printed on fabric as a panel. Think paper dolls and how easy it is to cut along the lines. You’ll add another yard of fabric to make the aprons reversible.

Mary’s Thread Collection from Sulky

I choose 30 weight cotton thread for both machine embroidery and stitching on the Baby Lock Sashiko machine. This thread weight creates just slightly more prominent stitching. I also like the flat, non-shiny surface of the embroidery it produces. Sulky has put this collection together with some of my favorite solid colors (slime green, of course!) and one ecru/cream Blendable variety. Now you too can experience stitching with a thread I love.

From the land of snow and cold, my good wishes to you for 2017 and success with all your sewing. I hope to meet you at a seminar somewhere along the “Sewing Trail” Thanks for your interest and support and for purchasing my books and patterns.

Mary Mulari