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Zip & Carry Bags



Create amazing bags with Make A Zipper rolls and Mary’s instructions. This is non-traditional, No Fear zipper sewing! Make a coin purse and cosmetic bag from one 5-1/2 yd roll of the standard zipper; make a water or wine bottle carrier from a roll of standard or heavy-duty zipper. Other bags include a beach bag, unusual totes, purses, and a portfolio. Follow the colorful, clear steps featured in the book and you’ll have a collection of ten clever bags. The twenty-page book includes all pattern pieces.

  • Two Way Tote
  • Ribbon Zipper Totes
  • Coin Purse
  • Bottle Carrier
  • Five Zip Beach Bag
  • Portfolio
  • Pyramid Bag
  • Storage Pocket Tote
  • Triple Zipper Purse
  • Cosmetic Bag